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Land of Hope and Glory – Why UK-based, independent suppliers are great for business

Apparently, many people would like “Land of Hope and Glory” to be England’s national anthem. Whatever your preference, it’s definitely worth looking to the “Mother of the Free” when you’re making your supplier choice.

  • Increased consumer confidence.
  • The latest technology and best product range.
  • Boosting the UK economy.
  • Agile, innovative and proactive service.

Discover all these benefits and more when you use UK-based independent suppliers to source products for your stores.

Build trust in your brand

Selling products that have been sourced and manufactured locally gives you the power to build trust in your brand:

  • You’ll gain support from consumers who are concerned about the origin of the product they’re buying for political, ethical, or environmental reasons.
  • Local products that are quality assured give your customers confidence in the products you are selling.

In other words, when you stock, sell and promote local products, you’ll increase brand awareness and boost customer loyalty.

Achieve peace of mind

When you choose a local supplier, you gain the obvious advantage of knowing all about the way they operate, giving you the power to gain:

  • The best technology.
  • The best range of products.
  • The best option of transport for delivery.
  • The right price for you and your target market.

In other words, it’s your ticket to complete peace of mind that you’re getting the best possible products – at the best prices – for your business.

Best for you, best for your country

In the wake of the Brexit vote and the resulting uncertainty, we all want to see the British economy grow.

Stocking local products manufactured by UK-based suppliers – that use predominantly UK-sourced materials – is an incredibly effective way to do your bit to help our economy.

  • The supplier you choose will preferably have a large UK-based team.
  • This will boost local employment and create more customers for businesses like yours.  

Enjoy innovative, agile service 

You’ll also see the benefits when you choose a supplier that’s UK-based and forward thinking.

  • Independent suppliers react swiftly to your individual needs and attract an entrepreneurial team who are naturally more proactive.
  • They’re more likely to encourage their employees to be creative, keeping you up to date with the latest innovations.
  • Employees of independent companies generally have more involvement in the businesses, which means they’re passionate about what they do.
  • They’ll take pride in owning every task you give them, meaning they’re a reliable extension of your services.

Put simply, independent suppliers empower you to increase overall customer satisfaction, boosting customer loyalty and your profits.

“Land of Hope and Glory”

We’re proud to be the UK’s leading independent producer of cement, delivering exceptional products and services to our customers as part of Breedon Group plc.

To give you an idea about what it’s like to work with us, here’s a few comments customers have shared with us recently.

  • Simple structure of the Hope Cement business – “I know I’m speaking to the right person and that they have the capability to find solutions and resolve matters there and then.”
  • Strong relationship with account managers – “My account manager is incredibly dedicated and involved at every stage, I think it’s because Hope Cement is a forward thinking, independent company that empowers its employees.”

And just so you know, we’re definitely in the “Land of Hope and Glory” camp. After all, we’re name checked in the title and our entrepreneurial independence makes us a strong contender to be “Mother of the Free” in England and throughout the UK!

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